In 1999, Alfredo Enterprise Co., Ltd. ® launched pizza bars at convenience stores across Thailand in 7-Elevens and Family Marts. With our innovative flavors and packaging concepts, the Alfredo pizza bar rapidly grew in popularity among Thai consumers and quickly became the best-selling pizza item in Thailand in more than 2,500 convenience store locations.

From that point on, we began to expand our market and diversify our menu. We now produce and sell many frozen food items worldwide. Along with our Thai domestic markets, we currently export our products to the European Union, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. We are looking to expand into new markets such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia and the rest of the Middle East. 

Our staff of dedicated experts can work with you to suggest the ideal product from our menu 

We can customize our flavor profiles, packaging concepts, or create new recipes based on your specifications. We can also produce products under the Alfredo brand, or as an OEM under your own trademark. Our flexibility allows us to cater to any customer, both big and small, and provide unique products at a reasonable price for your target audience.


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We are certified by many Health & Food Safety Boards and Governing Bodies both in Thailand and Abroad.

Our production area, production methods, and products have been approved by the Office of Food and Drug Commission of the Public Health Ministry of Thailand.

We are currently certified for production and export by these agencies:



  • Certified for handling meat by the Department of Livestock Development EST. No. 154
  • Certified for handling seafood by the Department of Fisheries (Thailand) EST. No. 1182


Halal certified by Halal Standard Institute of Thailand

15 March 2023

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